Virtual Women’s Workshop for Single-Spousers™



What is Single-Spousing™?


We've all heard of Single-Parenting, right? But what about Single-Spousing™?


Single-Spousing™ is a term I created to describe the lifestyle of those who are married (or in a committed relationship) but you'd never know it given the little to no quality time they get to spend with their significant other...


From the outside looking in, the Single-Spouser™ has little to no evidence to show of being in a committed relationship. Besides maybe a rushed kiss goodbye in the morning, a rushed kiss hello at night, or a quick text asking "how was your day," the Single-Spouser™ is pretty much on their own for the day (and possibly even the night, depending)!


Does this sound like you? Are you CRAVING more quality time with your partner, but have just gotten way too comfortable with being apart from them? Is it possible you've been Single-Spousing it™ for so long now that a more connected and satisfying relationship seems like a completely foreign concept?


I'm here to tell you that you deserve way better and to remind you that you didn't get into a relationship with a person you're madly in love with only to live a life apart from them! There are ANSWERS to the question of how you can reconnect with your partner and find time to do the things you love to do together again…



Quick Quiz! True or False

Let's really think about it... how connected are you in your relationship? How satisfied are you with the quality time you get to spend with your partner? How often do you get to talk, touch, play, plan, and just BE together?


Maybe you’re feeling unsure? Could it be that maybe you’ve been so stuck in the way things are for so long that you’ve never even given it a thought? Or maybe it’s just too painful to think about...


Take a look at the following 10 statements and silently reflect on whether or not you think they are true or false about your relationship:


1. You spend the majority of your day in a different location from your partner

2. The primary way you and your partner communicate is through text messages

3. The most physical affection you get from your partner lately is a quick kiss hello and goodbye as you or they run out the door

4. You can’t remember the last time you had a date night

5. You cuddle with the kids, the dog, or your cellphone more than with each other

6. You miss doing the fun things you used to do together

7. You envy other relationships you see around you

8. Your relationship functions for the Have To’s and not the Want To’s

9. You try to make the most of your situation and appreciate the ‘divide & conquer’ aspects of your relationship, but you often feel lonely

10. You wish things could be different.


Ok, deep breath. How did you do?


If you answered TRUE to at least 4 of these statements, you my dear have been single-spousing™; you are in a committed relationship with little to show in the way of relationship connection and satisfaction. You’re not SINGLE single, but you are definitely flying solo...


If you‘re ready to change this, my Virtual Women's Workshop for Single-Spousers™ is for you!



This Workshop Provides:

*Effective tips, tools, and strategies for how to FIND time for your relationship again and help get you and your partner reconnected

*Ways to MAKE room for communication, affection, shared responsibility, fun, planning…all the things that have seemed to slip away from the relationship overtime

*Ways to BALANCE necessary relational/life-compromises with individual wants/needs

*Live interactive group discussion online with myself (relationship coach) and other women participants who will be sharing about their experiences with single-spousing life™

*Questions/Exercises/Prompts that will help you to reflect more deeply on the challenges/wants/needs in your relationship (and bring you more clarity on steps you personally need to take to bring about desired changes)

*The SUPPORT of other committed women who will listen to your story and work alongside you through shared obstacles and toward significant relationship improvement

*And so much more!


You're Invited!


So here it is! Your official invitation to my Virtual Women’s Workshop for Single-Spousers™!

*Valuable personalized support as you work toward improved skills & strategies to achieve desired relationship RESULTS

*A safe space

*A handful of goodhearted women with similar relationship goals

*Sharing (& maybe even laughing about) the many frustrations of Single-Spousing™ life

*From the comfort of home

*Scheduling-friendly (90-minute duration) 

*All for a more affordable rate than non-group relationship therapy/coaching sessions! 


Are You IN??!

Whether you’re committed to, counting on, or even just curious about how you can ensure that the disconnect you’re feeling in your relationship today won’t linger & remain unchanged for another week/month/year, this opportunity is for you!


Single-Spousers™... let’s do everything possible here and now to finally get you the love and quality connection you deserve in your relationship!

Workshop Cost


Workshop Duration


Meeting Platform/Schedule

This is a Live interactive group workshop held online via "Zoom." Date: TBD 

For updates and more, follow me on Instagram: @danielleLMFT and Facebook:

or email me at: with any questions about how you can join!



It’s up to us to keep love alive and always blooming.

It’s up to us to keep the promises we’ve made to each other’s heart.

I'm beyond thrilled about this special offer and can't wait to support you!

<3 Danielle