Virtual Women’s Workshop for Single-Spousers™

We've all heard of Single-Parenting, right? But what about Single-Spousing™?


Single-Spousing™ is a term I created to describe the lifestyle of those who are married (or in a committed relationship) but you'd never know it given the little to no quality time they end up getting to spend with their significant other...


From the outside looking in, the Single-Spouser™ has little to no evidence to show of being in a committed relationship. Besides maybe a rushed kiss goodbye in the morning, a rushed kiss hello at night, or a quick text asking "how was your day," the Single-Spouser is pretty much on their own for the day (and possibly even the night, depending)!


Does this sound like you? Are you CRAVING more quality time with your partner, but have just gotten way too comfortable with and good at being apart from them? Is it possible you've been Single-Spousing it™ for so long now that a more connected and satisfying relationship seems like a completely foreign concept?


I'm here to tell you that you deserve way better and to remind you that you didn't enter into a relationship with a person you're madly in love with only to live a life away from them! There are ANSWERS to the question of how you can reconnect with your partner and find time to do the things you love to do together again…


Are you settling for less than what you want in your relationship simply because you figure “that’s life” and “this is just what happens when you’re with the same person for so long??”


Well, as a Marriage & Family Therapist who’s had contact with batches and batches of different couples with various relationship styles, together for vastly different lengths of time, and a variety of unique struggles (*and as someone who’s been with the same guy for many years), nothing bugs me more than hearing those two very UNTRUE thoughts!


I’ve witnessed these couples strengthen their connections and satisfaction in the relationship in ways they didn’t think were possible either and even to the point that they’d end up telling me how grateful they were that they MADE the time to work toward something better together...

and I’m fortunate to say that putting in the work has had similar results for my own relationship too.


So where do you think those thoughts about your relationship have come from? Parents? Society’s abundance of “ball & chain” marital jokes? Maybe even from your partner?


Regardless, I am lovingly urging you today to rethink this and to start letting yourself believe that more, better, happier is not only possible, but it’s been done! And if others can do it despite their numerous and challenging struggles together, why can’t you?


It’s time to figure out how connected you really are in your relationship. How satisfied are you with the quality time you get to spend with your partner? How often do you get to talk, touch, play, plan, and just BE together?


Maybe you’re feeling unsure? Could it be that maybe you’ve been so stuck in the way things are for so long that you’ve never even given it a thought? Or maybe it’s just too painful to think about...


Fortunately, there isn’t much in this world that a quick little game of ‘True or False’ can’t clear up for us. Ready?


Take a look at the following statements and silently reflect on whether or not you think they are true or false about your relationship:


1. You spend the majority of your day in a different location from your partner

2. The primary way you and your partner communicate is through text messages

3. The most physical affection you get from your partner lately is a quick kiss hello and goodbye as you or they run out the door

4. You can’t remember the last time you had a date night

5. You miss doing the fun things you used to do together

6. Your relationship functions for the Have To’s and not the Want To’s

7. You try to make the most of your situation and appreciate the ‘divide & conquer’ aspects of your relationship, but you often feel lonely

8. You wish things could be different.


Ok, deep breath. How did you do?


If you answered True to all or most of these statements, you my dear have been single-spousing™; you are in a committed relationship with little to show in the way of relationship connection and satisfaction. You’re not SINGLE single, but you are definitely flying solo


If you‘re ready to change this, my 6-week virtual workshop for women is for you!


Workshop provides:

-Effective tips, tools, and strategies for how to FIND time for your relationship again and help get you and your partner reconnected

-Ways to MAKE room for communication, affection, shared responsibility, fun, planning…all the things that have seemed to slip away from the relationship overtime

-And more!


So here it is! Your official invitation to my Virtual Women’s Group Workshop for Single-Spousers™!


A safe space

A handful of goodhearted women

With similar relationship goals

From the comfort of home

1hr/1.5 hrs per week for 6 weeks

Sharing (& maybe even laughing about) the many frustrations of Single-Spousing™ life

Working toward improved skills & strategies to achieve desired relationship RESULTS

All for a fraction of the cost of individual coaching sessions!


You IN??!


Whether you’re committed to, counting on, or even just curious about how you can ensure that the disconnect you’re feeling in your relationship today won’t linger & remain unchanged two months from now, this opportunity is for you!


Single-Spousers™ let’s do everything possible here and now to finally get you the love and quality connection you deserve in your relationship




Workshop Cost

Option One:  Discount for Pay upfront in full $390 ($65/week)

Option Two:  Make 3 Payments of $140 (total $420 = $70/week)

*option 2 requires participants’ credit card number to be kept on file in agreement that it will be charged every 2 weeks over the course of 6 weeks

Meeting Platform/Schedule

Workshop meetings will take place every week for six weeks at a date and time that will be determined based on participant availability (I will start a discussion among potential participants to gauge most convenient availability for all). Group will meet online via “Zoom” for an hour to an hour and a half depending on number of participants.

Missed Sessions

Missed sessions unfortunately won’t be refunded and participants won’t have the opportunity to discuss the workshop material that is missed during that week with the rest of the group. I will, however, send out the discussion material for the week to any participant that was unable to attend so that she can work through it independently.

Relationship Coaching

Though I am a Marriage & Family Therapist, participants of this workshop will not be receiving clinical therapy from me. I will be providing general relationship coaching/guidance according to participants’ needs and facilitate open discussion among participants regarding their situational frustrations in their relationships and possible solutions to their relationship struggles. This workshop is meant only to provide a safe space for such discussion among women struggling with relatable relationship circumstances.


It is expected that all participants keep workshop discussions within the group and refrain from sharing personal/private information about other participants with anyone outside of the group. I cannot guarantee cooperation with this, but I will remind participants of the importance of this regularly.


It’s up to us to keep love alive and always blooming.

It’s up to us to keep the promises we’ve made to each other’s heart.




I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have this opportunity to work with you!


<3 Danielle